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Historic Yoga Policy

We want the best for our customers who enjoy our products and services.

Customers & Students

Here at Historic Yoga, we take pride in providing an array of unique products and services to the public. From Yoga, to holistic health through Ayurveda, to accessible non-toxic, organic products - we want you to have a local oasis to go to for education and healthy living needs.

In addition, the Historic Yoga community includes instructors, teachers, and wellness practitioners to bring knowledge and therapeutics to you. Learn, discover, and decide what works for you.

Privacy & Safety

Historic Yoga takes the privacy & safety of all customers and students seriously. All purchases are processed through Wix's secure checkout application.

Wholesale Products

Historic Yoga partners with reputable, trusted brands. You will have access to great companies such as Earthley, Banyan Botanicals, and well known products from Fullscripts right at your fingertips. Buy local in the Historic Yoga Shop or through online affiliate links. Local and homemade vendor products are highly supported. Like new and loved well items will also be on display for someone to give new life to gently used items.

*Historic Yoga has a no refund policy, but will accept a store credit or swap for an item of same or lesser value. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Paypal / Venmo

- Offline Payments

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