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Located in cozy Central Massachusetts, Historic Yoga is a unique studio offering traditional and modern yoga classes and holistic practices. Historic Yoga takes pride in being able to provide a space for the community to reconnect with ancient wisdom that focuses on respecting and living in harmony with nature. Historic Yoga provides a variety of yoga classes, specialized events, vendor opportunities, advanced workshops, health events, and has a small shop offering nontoxic goods. Come check out yoga clothes, trusted supplements and products, and more before or after a yoga class. Bethany, the owner, will be happy to greet you and answer any questions you have about the studio!

About Bethany Gadbois, Owner

Bethany has been on a self-healing journey since 2016. Enduring hardships and overcoming the impossible have brought her to where she is today. Always a student of yoga, she's been practicing for over 10+ years and formally trained since 2018.

Yoga & Ayurveda Credentials

2018 Embodyoga 200 Hour Teacher Training, Karen Mischall-Bannon 

2019-2020 Birthing Mama 90 Hour Prenatal & Postnatal Wellness Teacher Training, Corinne Andrews, Yoga Center Amhearst

2020 Bliss Baby Yoga Feminine & Fertility Teacher Training

2020-2021 Sarasvati 300 Hour Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher Training, Susan Bass

*Advanced certifications and continuing education include Yoga, Ayurveda, Women's Health & Hormones (TCM & Ayurveda), Fertility & IVF, and Mindbody Medicine.

Bethany is an RYT500, RPYT, and Ayurvedic Health Advisor that has been teaching yoga since 2019 and practicing Ayurveda since 2021.

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