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Salina Davignon

Pilates Instructor
Salina Lynn Fitness

Salina Davignon

Salina is an amazing local Pilates teacher that teaches at multiple locations. Her classes are a weekly favorite!

Meet Salina, Historic Yoga's new Pilates instructor. Salina has been in love with the practice for about 5 years and decided to become certified herself to share this beautiful fitness practice with others.


Pilates can be challenging, but when approached with calm, it will give you a full mind/body workout each time. Salina offers a gentle, mindful approach to fitness for women. Integrating intentional movement and breath to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and core. Wherever you’re at on your fitness journey, you cannot go wrong adding Pilates to your practice.


Salina is a wife and mother and lives in Connecticut. She enjoys running, yoga, ballet, and also practices cello and violin in her spare time. She’s also a Personal Trainer and Reiki 1 certified. She’s excited to introduce Pilates and it’s beautiful energy to others.

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