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Jen Songer

Jen Songer Yoga

Jen Songer

Jen has been teaching yoga in the Central Massachusetts area for almost 20 years.

Jen Songer has been teaching yoga in the Central Mass area since 2009. She completed her 200 hour certification in 2009 and 300 hour in 2020 at Frog Pond Yoga in Princeton, MA.


In addition, she has completed trainings in Yoga Warriors, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors, Yin Yoga, and Trauma Informed Yoga for Children and Teens.


Jen is a special education teacher in the Worcester Public Schools. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga she enjoys reading and spending time in nature. 

Jen will be bringing Yoga Nidra classes to the Historic Yoga Community!


About Yoga Nidra:


Candlelight Yoga with Yoga NidraThis class is designed to help reduce stress and calm the body and mind for deep relaxation. We will begin with gentle yoga postures, using props to passively stretch and open the body. Class will end with a 20 min. Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is a method of withdrawing the senses to reach the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind, where you then plant an intention (sankalpa) for transformation and healing.

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