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Bethany Gadbois, RYT500, RPYT

Owner & Creator RYT500, RPYT
Ayurvedic Health Advisor

Bethany Gadbois, RYT500, RPYT

Meet the Owner & Creator of Historic Yoga.

Bethany newly opened the Historic Yoga Studio located in Central Massachusetts because there is nothing quite like this here. Historic Yoga is a unique studio offering traditional and modern yoga classes and holistic practices. Historic Yoga takes pride in being able to provide a space for the community to reconnect to ancient wisdom that focuses on respecting and living in harmony with nature.

It has taken years to allow room for this new space to become possible. Bethany believes wholeheartedly that she has been sent on this path to make a difference in the lives of others seeking. Using a gentle, heartcentered approach, Bethany has been privileged to share her years of formal and self education with those who can benefit from the powerful practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. With a strong belief of all things being possible and nothing is out of reach, Bethany aspires to instill hope into the depths of your soul. 

She describes how she hopes people feel upon opening the doors at Historic Yoga- a place to get away, breathe more deeply, and come back to life refreshed and more balanced- When we make time for this in our lives, we put our best feet forward and show up for our families, work, loved ones, and our life's purpose.

Saying goodbye to corporate america in 2021 allowed Bethany to focus on her health, home, and growing her family. The last 10 years have been gradual change toward making Historic Yoga possible. Bethany made sacrifices and created change to be clear on the kind of work she was meant to give her energy to, lending to Historic Yoga growing from only an idea to becoming a reality.

Bethany joyfully looks forward to working together in the studio or virtually and honoring the place where you are on your journey.

Find out more when you stop in!

While viewing herself as "always a student," Bethany has been studying yoga for over 10+ years, and formally trained since 2018 in Hatha, continuing studies in Prenatal/Postnatal, Women's & Fertility Yoga, and Ayurveda.


With personal experiences shaping her journey to the benefits Yoga and Ayurveda can bring, Bethany has been beyond grateful to share these beautiful practices with communities since 2019. Read more on the About page.

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