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Bonnie Dellerose

Renew Body Sequence

Bonnie Dellerose

Bonnie is a longtime local yoga teacher for about 20 years in the Central Massachusetts area.

Bonnie is a board-certified music therapist, an ERYT - 200, Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, a Reiki Master, and an energy medicine worker.  In addition to having over 500 hours of combined yoga and fitness training experience; Bonnie has been teaching holistic group fitness and yoga since 2006, encouraging students to love their bodies as they are.  After surviving—and healing from—multiple traumas herself, Bonnie created Renew Body Sequence™ to share the secrets of living a beautiful, joyful life. Her initial training in music therapy led her to the work of Helen Bonny and Guided Imagery in Music (GIM). GIM is a therapeutic intervention that requires a skilled guide to lead a person into an altered state of consciousness through listening to specific music that evokes emotions and images. Bonnie is also trained in The Nia Technique, or Nia, which originally stood for Non-Impact Aerobics. This is a fitness practice that combines elements of dance, martial arts, and physical body healing. Through Renew Body Sequence™, Bonnie helps people to heal faster—both spiritually and physically—by letting go of pain and grief, learning to love themselves, and embracing the next step in their life’s journey. Bonnie is a full-time mom to four sons ages 13-20.

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